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Dan Michaels offers more than 30 years of undeniable results in representing clients involved in family law cases including divorce, child custody, support, and marital property division. Going through the court process can feel cold and intimidating. You need an advocate who is both competent and caring. 

Specializing in divorce, Mr. Michaels excels inside and outside of the courtroom in mediation, litigation, and court trials. If you need knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive representation for your legal matter, do not hesitate to contact Dan Michaels today.

"Divorces are all I do"


After three decades of successful practice in several areas of law, Mr. Michaels now focuses exclusively on divorces. Mr. Michaels was a partner in a larger Fort Collins law firm for more than 26 years. When that firm dissolved, he opened his sole practice with the goal to specialize in divorce and family law. 

If you are considering a divorce, you are looking at a fork in the road where you need to ask yourself, “Which path should I take?”  As you approach that fork, you need experienced and understanding legal counsel to walk with you along that new and unusual path called divorce. Since 1981, Mr. Michaels has helped hundreds of clients successfully navigate through a divorce and begin a new life. 

A divorce case is complex and the decisions you make today will impact your future and the future of your family for years to come. You need an experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney to alleviate your frustrations, allow you to make the best decisions, and help achieve the most successful outcome possible.