Call Dan Michaels to schedule an initial consultation. At this consultation, your particular circumstances will be addressed and the divorce court process will be explained. In addition, your questions regarding your legal rights and Mr. Michaels' approach to handling the case will be explained.  If you decide not to retain Mr. Michaels for representation, the consultation will be free. This consultation gives you the opportunity to obtain legal information pertaining to your case as well as the opportunity to evaluate Mr. Michaels as a potential legal representative without any obligation to pay. 

​Should you choose to hire Dan Michaels, he will provide a quote for a retainer and the cost of the initial consultation will be deducted, together with all other work completed on the case, from the retainer.  When the case is finalized, the remaining unused portion of the retainer will be refunded to you.

Dan Michaels' hourly fees are very reasonable compared to the fees charged by most of his peers who have similar experience. When he left a large firm to open his own practice in 2007, he was able to not only concentrate his work, but also lower his overhead costs enabling him to provide clients the knowledge of an experienced attorney at a more reasonable rate.