Getting divorced is never a couple’s ideal outcome; it can be a very stressful, emotional, and complicated for everyone involved in the process. Effectively navigating the legal process is very difficult without an experienced and trusted attorney.

Although most cases start out in dispute, many parties are able to reach agreement with the assistance of attorneys and other professionals. Whether an uncontested or contested divorce, Dan Michaels will guide you through the best possible resolution for division of property, alimony, child custody, and child support.

The laws around divorce differ from state to state and change over time. Many people hear myths about divorce laws and how the process works in Colorado. It is relatively common to receive misinformation about divorce law from non-attorneys or even from attorneys who don’t specialize in this area of practice. Therefore, if you are considering divorce, it is essential that you select an attorney who is familiar with the most recent laws and trends regarding family and divorce law.

In order to design the best strategy for you, Mr. Michaels can help you focus on the critical decisions that need to be made in each step of the divorce process, always keeping in mind your long-term goals and preferences. This approach is essential to effective legal representation.